Tizzi Fib


I finished more than 19 000 different copper etching plates, with human figures, plates which I use in my prints in a unique way.The drawing was for me always the way to explore to understand to preserve to visualize and communicate with the world around me, the way to be happy. The human body is my preferred subject. I use to do only one print sometimes with tens, or hundred and even a few thousand plates. I call my prints “Permutations”. I am working as a film director who casts actors for movies when I print my works. In the same way, I use woodcutting. I make my drawings with few lines and printing techniques help me to get more plastique expression.

I was always fascinated by human beings, their appearance, physical and spiritual. Since childhood when I draw I try to preserve at least a beat of the history that has shaped the human body. The life experiences, the hardships, and the successes shape our bodies. The shaping and the world of thoughts are seen on the face, in movement, in the posture of the body. My name is to keep my drawing line true and non-decorative. I can’t stop looking at my surroundings with interest. My works, “Permutations,” which look like archaeological excavations, are my interpretations of everything around me and what I notice.


My artists’ books fulfill their meaning. They can be installations, minimalistic, or various shapes and dimensions. Please read more from the link below.

In my works, the characters set each one on their own printing plate – on a metal plate or wood plate. The size of the printing plates differs from 5,5mm-50cm x 15 cm. With them, I build different worlds, stories. The story emerges from the relations between the lines of the characters, the postures of the bodies, and the details. When printing, between the plates, emerge reliefs. The reliefs are like the spaces between the humans, tensions, distances, which all of them give us the right to be individuals, not masses. I name my works with the mathematical term “permutation”, they are unique stories. Each print might include 10-1000 plates.


The surrounding world is as fascinating and mysterious as the time I realized I exist. This happened when I was four years old and focused my eyes on an intense red leaf. For a moment I felt like a leaf that spins around fast and grows as big as the whole universe. At the same time, I realized there was something else underneath the surface that got me to observe and notice the people surrounding me. 


Artist's Books